Organic Instant Coffee with 7 Superfood Mushrooms, 10pk (2g) Single Serve packets. Delicious organic decaf instant coffee prepared with powerful superfood mushrooms designed by nature to help you with whole body health, creativity and better output in a day.



There’s nothing like adding pure, powerful superfoods to your body. They’re clean, support optimal energy, and full of antioxidants, which is why this is the perfect choice for those wanting the delicious taste of coffee but without the caffeine. Higher levels of caffeine can trigger stomach pain, jitters, and neurological fatigue, which is that wired and tired feeling you get when you’d rather be falling asleep. Mushroom coffee might just be the smartest, fastest, and most beneficial way to start your day. But what is it? We start with organic decaf instant coffee grown in the mountains of Chipas, Mexico, and northern Colombia. It features a smooth and dark chocolate flavor, nutty, with a hint of citrus. It’s a dark roast. Certified Organic and Fair Trade, and grown sustainable by multi-generational farmers. There’s approximately .80 mg of caffeine in each serving. A real benefit to those with caffeine sensitivity.

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