Puroast Low Acid Coffee, Bourbon Pecan Coffee, 12 oz Bag


Enjoy the great smooth taste of the Puroast Coffee’s Organic French Roast Coffee. The bold, strong taste is complimented with a smooth finish.


Puroast Coffee’s French roast combines a full bodied, strong coffee with no bitter aftertaste. If you like coffee, want a great tasting coffee, that will make “feel better, not bitter” – Drink Puroast Coffee. Wellness in Every Cup! The coffee beans you have at home start out as a pea-green seed from a cherry-like fruit. In fact, if you chewed a green coffee bean, it’d taste pretty much like chewing a dried pea. But, everything changes after you roast this green coffee seed (and separates it from peas!). Magic From Heating Roasting is really the heating of this seed until it looks like what you’re used to seeing in the store or at a coffee shop.

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