Rapid Fire Turbo Brew Keto Coffee Beans, 14 oz Can


If you’re looking to energize your day, boost focus and improve your stamina, don’t reach for an energy shot. Instead, enjoy a bold, strong and smooth cut of hot or ice coffee made from Rapid Fire Turbo Brew Whole Bean Coffee!


This ultra-premium whole bean blend boasts the finest coffee beans to provide a unique and smooth taste along with wonderful aroma. Rapid Fire Turbo Brew coffee features a carefully selected blend of two premium coffee beans. Indonesian Java Robusta is prized in the world for its unique taste and character; chocolatey, with a bit of acidity. Peruvian Arabica beans bring you a coffee that shows mellow acidity, with a strong citrus and caramel sweetness. These two coffee beans are perfect partners, delivering taste and energy from cup to cup, every time.

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